essay analyzing rhetorical strategies in two texts 1

Follow instructions WORD BY WORD

Please see and understand what he exactly needs in this essay, Last time I had to rewrite everything!




For your previous essay, you walked through Shulevtiz’s argument and analyzed her claims and evidence. For this paper, you will still analyze; however, you will focus your analysis on the rhetorical strategies that two writers use to progress their arguments. After reading “Dear Class of 2020,” “Don’t Blame Students for Being

Hypersensitive,” “Students Deserve Safe Spaces,” “I’m Northwestern’s President,” and “College Campuses Should Not Be Safe Spaces,” your job is to choose two texts and analyze how they appeal to ethos, pathos, logos, and/or kairos to advance their arguments. You can think of this essay as a compare/contrast.

o Who are they? What is their credibility?

â–ª What do we know about their texts?


Identify both authors’ overall argument What is the argument?

â–ª How do you know? Is it stated directly? Implicitly?


Identify the audience for each texto How do you know?

â–ª What details from the text point to the type of audience the author has in mind?

o How does the audience influence how the text is written and perceived?


Analyze & Evaluate the rhetorical strategies each author uses to advance their claims & overall argumentoWhat types of evidence does each author use? Logic, emotional, credible, timely?â–ª Why does the rhetorical strategy advance/hinder their overall argument?

• How?


You will need to account for the following elements (though they do not need to be approached in this particular order. Additionally, your essay should not read as though you are simply answering these questions.

ï‚  Identify both authors & their texts


  • 4-5 pages
  • MLA Format
  • MLA Works Cited Page


→ Comprehension o Effectively addresses all aspects of the prompt

o Fully grasps both articles and showcases knowledge cogently

→ Development

  • Details/analyzes chosen texts thoroughly and thoughtfully
  • Writer thoroughly address elements of the argument, including author, context, audience, purpose, claims, and evidence.
  • Analysis of rhetorical strategies is thorough

Due: March 19th by midnight on Blackboard

→ Organizationo Essay flows logically from introduction → body → conclusiono Sentence level organization is strong

→ Expression/Mechanics/Grammar

â–ª Writer uses appropriate syntax, grammar, punctuation



02.19: Intro to Project/Reading “Dear Class of 2020”/Rhetorical Appeals


02.26: In class reading/charting activities/synthesizing texts


03.05: Drafting Activities


03.12: Peer Review Workshop—Must complete in class



→ Develop an effective process of reading for comprehension

→ Develop an effective writing process—including prewriting, drafting, revision, and self-evaluation

→ Analyze the elements of academic texts—particularly argument, genre, audience, context, purpose, and strategies

→ Articulate in writing key rhetorical concepts.

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