essay about environmental engineer ethic

environmental ethics


1-Identify the ethical problem, issue, or dilemma in the topical area you have chosen from those listed below

.2-Understand the dilemma of ethics as it is applied to environmental decisions (i.e., the issues of sustainability/green engineering)

.3-Prepare an analysis of the effect of ethical decisions related to the topical issue chosen.

4-Evaluate how you would approach the same ethical dilemma (situation) as compared to how societies (communities) are currently addressing the issue.

(Purpose:The purpose of this paper is to expose students to the issue of ethical decisions and the impact the consideration of ethical practices could have on the environmental decision making process.)

.Procedure:Using all appropriate sources, research one of the following topics:

1*The disposal of a “slightly” hazardous waste by a large corporation in an economically depressed neighborhood

.2*The underground disposal of hazardous materials in geological structures such as salt domes.

3*The construction of a single national repository for low-level radioactive waste.

*4The use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) the geologic formation in order to increase productivity

.5*The application of mass tort litigation in environmental exposure cases (e.g. Times Beach, PG&E (a.k.a.Erin Brockovich), Love Canal, Valley of the Drums, etc.)

6*The taking of personal property to protect the environment (takings).

7*The introduction of biologically altered products into agricultural products for human consumption

.8*Allowing residents to return to an area that are known to be prone to flooding after a disaster.

Deliverable: (Individual)

Submit a 1000 word (minimum) essay analyzing the ethical problem posed by the topic you chose. In the paper you should:

1-Identify what is the ethical problem or issue

2-select an ethical theory with which to address the topic

3-provide a clear statement indicating what you belive the person who must make an ethical decision, in your case ,should do

4-provide support and justification for your position

5-properly document the references and citations for your paper.

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