environmental hazard analysis

Environmental Hazard Analysis

Each student will choose a topic related to a particular and current environmental hazard from the list below (if a topic you are interested in is not listed, contact the instructor for approval for the topic). Students will be required to complete a 7-9 page paper discussing this issue. The paper should contain divisions for these specific parts:

Cover page


A description of the hazard and impact on health,

A discussion on the etiologic or causative factors of this problem including disease cluster if any. A disease cluster implies any unusual aggregation of cases of illness or disease grouped in space and time. The issue often arises that someone notices an apparently high number of cases of disease in a particular street or locality, and wonders whether there might be a connection with a local environmental problem.

Assessment methods related to understanding the hazard

Prevention/Control measures to implement once the specific hazard is defined.

Reference page

The paper must be in proper APA format and include at least seven (7) peer-reviewed references published within the past 5-7 years.

Pre-Approved Topics:

Heavy/Toxic Metal poisoning

Ionizing radiation hazards

Water pollution

Food supply disruption

Air pollution

Pesticide runoff

Pest invasion

*Please note: These topics involve environmental hazards, not disease processes (though you may need to discuss this in the paper). When in doubt, contact the instructor to make sure the topic relates to the hazard, not disease. The assignment is valued at 150 points.

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