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1. (LAUR)When deciding to intervene on a given behavior, some ethical considerations should be made. It should be determined which environmental factors exist and how they interfere with the individual’s behavior, as this is key information to the implementation and continuation of intervention (Fernandes & Amato, 2013). Appropriate implementer training should also be taken into consideration. As ABA principles are important to the success of an intervention, the individuals who will be implementing the intervention need to have had the appropriate education and training (Fernandes & Amato, 2013). Perhaps one of the most important considerations should be parent involvement. Consistency is key to success. Interventions should be implemented both at school/therapy and at home, so the parent needs to be willing and available. Fernandes and Amato (2013) mention that parent involvement is one of the positive points of ABA intervention.

Fernandes, F. D. M., & Amato, C. A. H. (2013). Applied behavior analysis and autism spectrum disorders: Literature review. Codas. Retrived from

2. (ANDR)When a situation or a behavior progresses to the point of needing intervention, there are some things to remember. For example, every situation should be looked at and dealt with on an individual basis. Every situation is different and the decision of how or when to intervene needs to be as individualized as the situation or behavior. Also, you need to determine if the appropriate behavior has been modeled for the student. Do they truly understand what the expected behavior is? In most cases the student has probably been taught the appropriate behaviors, but there will be times that they really have not been taught.

Next thing to look at is how to intervene. In our school teachers and paras are trained in CPI or Crisis Prevention Intervention. The key for CPI to work is prevention. Reading a student and a situation is important when trying to quickly figure out the best way to intervene. Through the CPI training you are able to determine the best ways and times to intervene. Intervention that ends up in a hold is a last resort, if the student or any other students are in danger of being hurt then there is reason for a hold. If there is not any danger of anyone being hurt then there is no reason for there to be a hold placed. Holds or restraints need to only be used as a last resort.

3. (LEAH)

I think there is ongoing confusion and myths because there is not many successful interventions therefore it causes one to question what is right or wrong. I also believe that since there is lack of training that this also causes one to question what works and what doesn’t. I just feel that there is not enough sufficient research based evidence to support interventions. This might cause educators or anyone involved with ASD to not feel comfortable proceeding with interventions.

4. (AMB)A myth that I have heard circulated around ABA is that all ABA programs are the same. Since taking the assessments in ASD last term, I have come to understand that all ABA systems are developed to fit the student and behaviors individually and specifically. “

Fernandez & Amato state, “ABA based programs demand detailed assessment of environmental factors and their interference on the ASD child’s behavior aiming to identify determinants of behaviors and factors that will probably lead to their repetition. These information are essential to the delineation and follow-up of intervention processes” (Fernandez & Amato, 2013, p. 290).

I have also heard that ABA programs include punishments for students as reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is the overwhelmingly dominant mode of behavior change from what I have already read about ABA.

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