easy question i only need minimum of 5 sentences with apa in text citation and reference you used i dont need a title page who can answer

With advances in healthcare, there is a need to remain current in regards to research and technology that best meets the needs of the patient. This also includes the needs of the healthcare facility and its employees (specifically the medical administrator).

Continuing education is one of the ways that these advances are communicated. These educational opportunities allow for changes and advancements to be trained and communicated in an environment for diverse audiences.

Think about the technological advancements being made within the healthcare industry to better meet the needs of the patient (telehealth for example). Now think about the accessibility of continuing education regarding these advancements for healthcare facilities, in particular for the role of the medical administrator.

In your initial post, take the knowledge you have learned in this course and provide your perspective on the availability of continuing education resources and how to remain current in regards to technology.

Be sure to address the following questions:

  • Are continuing education resources easy to find?
  • Do continuing education resources meet the needs of the learner?
  • Do these resources adequately address advances in technology?

In your response post, use your knowledge to provide suggestions for developing strategies to remain current with technology that is key for the role of the medical administrator.

minimum of 5 sentences… i dont need a title page or anything. just need full sentences. apa format . . and 1 in text citation formated like this (author, year, paragraph) and then post the website reference at bottom in apa format. simple. . . not much work has to be done. i need this done quickly and professionally please. thank you

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