e commerce 46

Guidelines :

* Use Page Number & References should be academic quality from quality sources and Harvard Reference Notation should be used.

* The Table of Contents Should have, each deliverable task number, content, page number

* required to use appropriate literature review and use of many library resources to complete this assignment.

* using correct Citation and CU-Harvard Referencing Style.

* read the SCENARIO from the Instructions file carefully

* answer all the tasks Individually

* the work proposal should be submitted within 2 days

In Omani perspective: (the businesses must be from Oman )

1. Identify any four businesses/organizations currently practicing e-commerce and identify the EC model(s) being used/ opted by those organizations/businesses.

2. For the identified businesses, discover and briefly explain current software technologies/strategies/techniques being used to promote e-commerce practices.

3. Identify the factors responsible for less EC practice in the country. (At least four factors to identify)

4. What measures can be taken to promote/improve EC practice(s) on technical, social, legal, political, ethical and scholastic grounds and how. (Students are expected to write on any 5 grounds i.e. technical, social, legal, political, ethical and scholastic etc.)

Submit a work proposal for this assignment within 2 days, which must include: Understanding of deliverables – a detail description of deliverables General overview of proposed plan – initial understanding of solution to all tasks Resources identified

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