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Trusses are an engineering marvel. They have provided the building industry with a valuable tool with which to support loads over wide spaces without intermediate support system components. But: trusses are part of a total system that absolutely has to remain intact completely, without exception. Documentation from NIOSH, Firefighter Close Calls, and others indicate that if flame and heat are impinging on truss assemblies, those assemblies are going to fail. Anyone on top of or under this failure would not be going home that day or night. The resistance to applying water in these structures by the utilization of master streams is rooted in the philosophy that an “aggressive interior attack is always best.

  1. Determine whether your community has a code requiring trussed buildings or buildings where a rain roof has been installed to be marked.
  2. Check the training opportunities in your area and all surrounding jurisdictions to determine how much training is dedicated to truss awareness.
  3. Discuss how much time should be expended before an offensive attack goes defensive in commercial structures.
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