do 5 excel problem

Do these problems in a single MS-Excel document

1-“The Excel file Atlanta Airline Data provides arrival and taxi-in time statistics for one day at Atlanta Hartsfield International airport. Find the average and standard deviation of the difference between the scheduled and actual arrival times and the taxi-in time to the gate. Compute the z-scores for each of these variables.”

2-“Compute descriptive statistics for liberal arts colleges and research universities in the Excel file Colleges and Universities. Compare the two types of colleges. What can you conclude?”

3-“The Excel file EEO Employment Report shows the number of people employed in different professions for various racial and ethnic groups. Find the proportion of men and women in each ethnic group for the total employment and in each profession.”

4-“Using PivotTables, compute the mean and standard deviation for each metric by year in the Excel file Freshman College Data. Are any differences apparent from year to year?”

5-“The Excel file Freshman College Data shows data for 4 years at a large urban university. Use PivotTables to examine differences in student high school performance and first-year retention among different colleges at this university. What conclusions do you reach?”

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