disscusion gender inequality

gender inequality

1. Discuss one way that being female has negatively affected you or someone that you know. (Prejudice, discrimination, limitations, stereotypes, etc.)

2. Do people generally conform to gender stereotypes? Why or why not? Illustrate with an example. Do you conform to gender stereotypes? Why or why not?

3. What agents of socialization (family, education, peers, religion, the workplace, the media, etc.) have most shaped you into your gender identity as a female? Explain your response.

Discussion forum responses should be thorough, detailed, and answer or respond to all questions or prompt instructions. Discussion responses should be a minimum of 600 words . Be sure to include an example, cited, from the textbook Using APA format, .Finally, illustrate your thoughts with a real-life example. This demonstrates your understanding of the concept, theory, etc. that is being discussed. Remember to state your responses in your own words.

* 600+ , An examples cited from Chapter 4 in the book, Examples from real life.

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