discussion your a new bcba

Throughout this course, many opportunities are available to post an initial response to a Discussion topic as well as to respond to your classmates’ responses. After you have completed the reading, and without reviewing your classmates’ responses, post your initial response to the following Discussion. Your post should be at least 300 words in length and should extend the discussion of the group supported by your course materials and/or other appropriate resources. After you have submitted your initial post, review some of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your classmates. Refer to your Discussion Board Rubric for specific grading explanation.

Discussion Topic

Imagine you are a brand new Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). You are setting up your private practice and designing your website. You want to include as much pertinent information about your education and training as you can, as well as the types of services you provide. You are also very nervous about somehow, unintentionally, violating a Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) ethical guideline. It would be wise to re-familiarize yourself with the guidelines by reviewing the following resource:

Behavior Analyst Certification Board: Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts

Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss one important item from each of the following BACB ethical and professional requirements:
    • Maintaining competence in the ABA field
    • Maintaining client confidentiality – personally and in record keeping
    • Boundaries of competence
    • Multiple relationships and Conflicts of interest
    • Rights of the client
    • Advertising: Solicitation of Testimonials

With these guidelines in mind, discuss how you would handle the following situation:

The telephone rings. To your surprise, it is your cousin, who lives about 25 miles away. You have not seen her in 10 years, so you are surprised by this unexpected call. She states that your mom told her mom that you were setting up a private practice in ABA, and she could really use your help. Her 3-year-old was just diagnosed with Autism and she would love to have you over so you can give her some suggestions about how to handle some of the behaviors she has seen lately. Would you be free this Friday night for dinner?

  • What is your initial response to your cousin?
  • Identify specific ethical guidelines that relate to this situation.
  • Discuss possible repercussions if you decide to help your cousin.
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