discussion question 1131

  • Option #3: Using your text and the Internet, identify and discuss two fundamental concepts and principles of the American legal system, particularly those pertaining to today’s business environment. Please limit your comments to 500 words or less. Please list any websites you quote or cite in your research at the bottom of your comments. If you do not have your textbook by Wednesday of week one, you should choose Option #3 so that you can turn in your discussion work by the Thursday deadline.
  • Here are some topics to help you start your research on Option #3 if you do not have your textbook yet:
    • Constitutional law: Takings clause
    • Constitutional law: Rights of business owners
    • Constitutional law: The free exercise of religion as it pertains to employers or employees (Examples: Google Sherbert v. Verner or Burwell v Hobby Lobby).
    • Constitutional law: Commercial freedom of speech
    • Constitutional law: Advertising and free speech (Example: Google Williams-Yullee v. Florida Bar)
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