discussion post 453

Did the Renaissance Happen?

In his video “The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? – Crash Course World History #22,” John Green makes an assertion with which not all historians agree. Green argues that the Renaissance did not happen, that it wasn’t “a thing.” Among his evidence, he points out the limited reach of the Renaissance among the European population and the many years between the births of different Renaissance artists and thinkers. Another youtuber, Amor Sciendi, provided a rebuttal in which he argued that the Renaissance had occurred. This discussion gives you a chance to provide your opinion on the question.

To complete this discussion, watch the Crash Course video on the Renaissance and then Amor Sciendi’s rebuttal. Also read the two sources below that are provided to assist you in the discussion. The first is from the writings of Petrarch, the Father of Humanism. The second is from Giorgio Vasari, an Italian artist and writer, who provided the name for the Renaissance.

Using information from the videos, these sources, and the course content, answer the question “Did the Renaissance happen?” Make your argument convincing and used specific examples and evidence. You can also do your own research into the question by looking for additional information about the Renaissance, including the art and philosophy of the period (be sure to record the sources you are reading so that you can cite them later).



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