discussion compliance contains unread posts

Corporations have to be in compliance with the laws, regulations, and standards that govern their business. For example, educational institutions have to be in compliance with FERPA; health organizations have to be in compliance with HIPAA; and professionals that develop information security programs have to consider a range of information security laws (Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act).

Research the laws, standards, policies, and regulations that you might need to be in compliance if you were developing your project for a real-world scenario.

In your initial post, explain these and provide links to websites that provide information on them. Also describe any security requirements that are relevant and should be addressed in the project design.

Then, review the laws, standards, policies, regulations, and security concerns shared by your classmates. Were there any that you felt that they left out? Were there any that they shared that you should consider for your own project?

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