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While these two terms are mentioned together, there are subtle differences between the two terms. Traditionally supervision is focused on directing people to get work done where leadership is focused on developing an environment where people are motivated to do the work. In our world today there is a diverse dynamic of both individual cultures in our learning environment and the advancement of technology, that intensely affects the way that students can achieve.

My personal philosophy involves the challenge of combining the two skills in a way that is conducive to accomplishing the goals of the education establishments while being innovative enough to motivate and capture the student to achieve higher learning and comprehensive skills.

As mentioned in the writing Supervision and Instructional Leadership, “Beliefs, Goals, and Effective Teaching” we must approach our objectives with the appropriate and effective method that will insure successful outcome. Many factors come in to play that can only be addressed when consideration is given to the teacher’s ability to effectively communicate as well as the various students learning styles.

Education can be used as an opportunity to not only impart and teach students information and fundamental facts and truths but to explore ways through student involvement to create ways to build upon these fundamental truths. While it is the job of teachers and leaders to effectively teach and guide in the classroom, it is also the responsibility of the teachers and leaders to create an environment that will foster viable and credible input in the subject matter at hand.

Matthew 7: 13 – 14, Jesus makes the statement, “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it”. This teaching becomes critical in todays world, as more and more opportunities and information become readily available to students and those in the learning environment due to the advancement of technology, (internet, social media, etc.). The question becomes how small then the gate is, and how narrow is the road. As leaders we must find ways to teach and open opportunities to allow students/followers to input and express their knowledge for the furtherment and advancement of education, while at the same time teach fundamental objectives, after all, a part of education is to teach students to critically think. Teaching methods and instructional methods can be as diverse as people are, so the challenge for leaders is no small matter. However, the task is given to leaders and educators to successfully carry out these objectives.


Glickman, C. D., Gordon, S. P., & Ross-Gordon, J. M. (2018). SuperVision and instructional leadership: A developmental approach.

Holy Bible, NIV (version)

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