discussion 2 170

Please read the sample white paper, “Clinical Burnout.” This white paper is linked to in Content in week 6.

Then answer the following questions:

1. One weakness of this white paper is its grammar and mechanics. It has numerous grammatical errors.

Examine the Introduction. Locate the sentence fragment. Rewrite the fragment so that it is a complete sentence.

2. Examine the Previous Approaches section. Locate at least two word form errors. Rewrite the sentences in which the errors occur, but with the correct word forms.

3. Examine the Conclusion. Locate at least two errors, either at the sentence level or at the word level. Rewrite the sentences in which these errors appear, but with correct grammar.

4. Describe your overall response to this white paper. Does it identify a problem and provide reasonable “new approaches” to the problem? Does the writing affect the persuasiveness of the white paper? Please write a paragraph in answering this question.

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