discussion 1827

Respond to the following (150 words)

1. Academic writing shows the writers ability to accurately articulate their knowledge of a topic and how they can relate that information to the reader through their experiences. While your thesis statement is your opinion, it must be supported by diverse analysis and research to support your claims. You have to be subjective, and approach the writing with limited bias. Academic writing can be very diverse and complex due to the type of language used when writing. You can assume that your audience is your professor, so it would be safe to assume that terminology and technical terms will be understood. However when also writing to a greater academic community you must carefully compose your writing, and limit the use of jargon that cannot be easily understood by your entire audience. In my workplace environment, I use a narrative writing style when try to tell a story of how an event occurred. I also use a form of academic writing, specifically, when composing executive level summaries for my superiors. These summaries share similarities with academic writing; the use of active voice, the avoidance of contractions, and the avoidance of informal language are mirrored in these writing styles.

2. Some of the things that I have learned about academic writing are genres and narrative writing. When I see the word genre, I think of my IPod. When fumbling through my music, “genre” is one of the selections. I never put the genre aspect into thought when writing. It will definitely be in my thought process from now on. I have been using narrative writing when writing awards or evaluations. But when writing these I would basically write what the service member did with that thought in mind, not narrative writing. Academic writing differs from my current writing due to the amount of information that needs to be written in the small amount of space available. When writing an annual review, you have to be direct and to the point, summarizing what the service member did in a whole year. For example, selected above peers to perform duties as acting First Sergeant for three months; expertly redeployed battery from AR. Full sentences are not present but the narrative is explained. So academic writing is complex for myself.

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