discussion 1806

Recruitment and screening are very common places for people to get initial impressions of organizations. The main focus for this discussion is to learn from each others’ recruiting and screening experiences and identify how we can make the organization more attractive to applicants.

First, why is it important to care about applicant perspectives in the recruiting and screening process (and really in the whole selection process in general)? Let’s make sure we know why this is a salient issue for both researchers and practitioners.

Next, think about one very positive and one very negative experience you have had looking for a job (you don’t have to name names here). Subsequently you did not take the job because of your negative experience. Describe these experiences, and how recruiting or screening practices influenced your impression.

If you have no such experiences, think about what types of things you would look for in a job and how important these various job attributes are or would be for you to accept the job. Think about how your job preferences have changed over time. That is, have you always valued certain organizational characteristics or have they changed as you have changed (i.e. as you’ve started a family, aged, gained experience, etc…).

Now, think about how you will conduct a future job search. When you look for a new job, what kind of organization are you personally going to target, in terms of its staffing strategy, recruiting sources, etc.? What kinds of screening devices are you more likely to encounter there? How are you (or other applicants) likely to react to these devices?

Finally, think about some ways that you, as a hiring manager, can increase the likelihood of positive reactions among applicants (whether or not you offer them the job). What would you do and why would you do it?

Please note that there are several parts to this discussion and I want you to address each one of them in order to receive full credit. I think that we all have experiences we can share that pertain to the subject at hand, so I don’t think this will be a difficult discussion topic to address.


Please cite all the sources you use for this.

At least 600 words

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