discussion 1787

Portfolio Website Development

In this assignment, complete the following tasks:

  • Identify pertinent attributes of a professional portfolio website

-Include in your review essential design criteria that create a positive message and experience for your targeted audience. Include design criteria that should be avoided.

-Address factors such as layouts, fonts, color, general presentation aspects, and whether you would consider different modes of communication of some of your messages, that is, using text, images, audio, or video.

  • Next, using the skill learned during your educational journey, create the layout of your portfolio website. Note: At this point, you need not put the specific pieces of information in but should focus on ordering and presentation. Your tasks for this part of the discussion assignment this week are:

Prepare a diagram that shows the layout of your portfolio website.

Identify and explain the techniques, and web products, services, or tools that you plan to use in creating your portfolio website.

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