discuss the ways in which this film contributed to your understanding of the causes of the american revolution were there any parts that surprised you why or why not

This episode of The Revolution examines some of the causes of the

American Revolution, including the Stamp Act riots, the Boston Massacre,

and the Boston Tea Party. A Continental Congress convenes with some of

the rebellion’s major political players involved. Distributed by A&E

Television Networks.

  1. Posts should be at least 2-3 complete paragraphs (5-7 sentences per paragraph).
  2. Responses should demonstrate that you viewed the film, and you should reference specific evidence or examples directly from the film in your post
  3. Use proper citations when referencing any portion of the film, textbook, lecture, or primary sources in your post through a basic MLA style citation (author or title in parenthesis). Review the tutorial- “How to Avoid Plagiarism” for more information on citations.
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