d 04 week 12 the peculiar institution

The Peculiar Institution. Chapter 11, pages 311-363.

By Tuesday, April 10th, at midnight, post to a thread in your discussion group. By Thursday, lecture class at 2pm, April 12th, post at least one response to a classmate.

Answer the one of the prompts below in a paragraph or two.

1. Slave rebellions were rare but important. Compare the slave rebellions (merely planned or carried out) of Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner. What did Vesey attempt to do? What did Turner attempt to do? How were these men similar? How did they view slavery and freedom? How did white society react to them, and why?

2. What made slavery “peculiar” in the United States?

3. Identify the different types of resistance to slavery. Which ones were the most common, the most effective, and the most demonstrative?

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