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The Department of Homeland Security recognized that, an informed and vigilant public for the safety of our nation is their greatest asset. Therefore, Homeland Security advisory system color alert was changed to National Terrorism Advisory System to stay ahead of the enemy. In an effort to stay ahead and counter-terrorism, the NTAS from DHS proposed that:

The DHS and FBI should inform state, local, tribal areas of current threat environment. DHS also should support private sectors by coordinating risk assessment and security measures with business owners and operators. The FBI, DHS, and other intelligence agencies should work together to disrupt potential terrorist activities, by enhancing screening and vetting measures to identify suspicious travelers and cargo. The equally will continue the fight against radical organization recruitment, monitor emerging threat, and engage with foreign partners. More importantly, DHS is committed in preventing activities meant to influence population on bases of ethnicity, religion, identification. The equally will provide continues security of soft target areas like schools (National Terrorism Advisory System, 2019).

I think we cannot get to the level of security we expect in a day, but gradually. This development will or might never cease to improve given that the threat evolves everyday. Therefore, it is not on the government alone, but the American people as well that the safety of our nation depends on.

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