create art picture include slogan and short write up based on maslow hierachy s of need 5 ads

Here is a link to an example:…

You should have a different advertisement for each of the 5 needs. Make sure to identify which level of Maslow’s hierarchy the ad is based in. You may use either magazine ads (please scan in with the document) or internet ads (stationary) which you should copy and paste into a document.

When discussing the ads, other questions for groups to consider are: What kinds of ads appeal to men and what kinds to women? What kinds of ads may actually backfire? What kinds of ads are most effective for what kinds of products? What kinds of ads are most effective for which age groups? What is true meaning of the ad? For example, “Buy a BMW so people will think you are rich, sporty, and sexy” or “Eat Wheaties so you can be more like Michael Jordan.”

Example of slogan:

The first of these appeals is “the appeal to or creation of needs.” It is based on the basic needs of Maslow’s hierarchy. Examples include:

  • “Aren’t you hungry for Burger King now?” (physiological needs)
  • “Get a piece of the rock” (safety and security needs)

The second group are “social and prestige suggestion” appeals – buy it because all kinds of people do. Examples include:

  • the “Pepsi generation” (belongingness and love needs)
  • Michael Jordan for Wheaties, various famous athletes for light beer (belongingness and love needs)

The third, and most subtle, kind of appeal is “loaded words and images.” Examples include:

  • ads with attractive, athletic people touting snacks like Snickers candy bars (esteem and status needs)
  • the BMW emblem which suggests wealth and status (esteem and status needs)

Some ads can overlap needs. Then one has to look at who the target audience is, and what they would get from the product. Example:

  • the use of buzzwords such as “natural” for beauty products or foods (safety & security needs OR esteem & status needs)
  • “light” in order to make all kinds of foods seem dietetic (physiological needs OR esteem & status needs)

Example write up of a general BMW ad:

(Picture of ad) This represents the esteem needs in Maslow’s hierarchy. If you had this car, you would be perceived as higher status. You worked hard and were able to afford an expensive car, therefore others might view you as rich or sporty or sexy, making you feel better about yourself and what you have accomplished.

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