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W7 Assignment “Temperature, Kinetic Theory, and Heat”

Please solve the following problems. You must show all work for full/partial credit. When complete, attach a typed cover sheet and submit to the assignment drop-box.

#1. A diamond has a mass of 56.6 g and the gold ring in which it is set has a mass of 125.6 g. How many carbon atoms are there compared to gold atoms? (10 points)

#2. On a warm summer day in California it can get as hot as 115oF, and on some cold winter days it can get as cold as -20oF. What are these temperatures in Celsius? (10 points)

#3. An aluminum sphere is 5.50 cm in radius. What is its volume expansion coefficient if it increases in volume 2.00 cm3 when heated from 100oC to 151oC? (10 points)

#4. Carbon 12 is defined such that 12g is one mole. So if a diamond is 37.5 g, how many moles of carbon are in it? How many molecules of carbon are in it? (10 points)

#5. 400 L of water is at 4oC. If it took a heat source 600 seconds to heat this up to 6oC, what is the power rating of the heater? (10 points)

#6. A 95g cup of tea at 85oC is poured into a 1.25 L large tub of water at 30oC . What is the equilibrium temperature? (10 points)

#7. 150 g of ice at -10.5oC is raised to the melting point and then raised to 76.0oC. How much heat is added to the system? (20 points)

#8. A distant star is 7000 K and radiates 1.20 x1027 W. What is the star’s radius? Assume = 1.0. (10 points)

Grading Guidelines 100 points total
Show Your Work 60%
Your Work is Mostly Correct 80%
Correct Work, but incorrect units 95%
Correct Work, and correct units 100%
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