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For this assignment, you will venture out on your own. You will select a new short story that you have not read before, read it, and apply some of the skills you have developed in this course to that story.

Upon successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:

  • Explain how literary devices are used to communicate truths about God and/or human nature.
  • Construct a specifically supported literary analysis.
  • Analyze the message of the text using biblical principles.
  • Apply literary discoveries about human nature to your own personal and/or professional life.



  1. Read a short story from the “Additional Stories” section of your textbook (pp. 303-532).
  2. As you read, mark passages that communicate the major themes of the story. (Make sure you mark some quotations that illustrate the final results of the story.)
  3. Compose a thesis for the story which contains all the typical components you have been asked to include in your thesis for this course.
  4. Paste at least one quotation into your post that proves each theme in your thesis.
  5. Take time to highlight the key words from each quotation that most explicitly prove your thesis themes and to label those highlights with the thesis themes. Using the comment feature in MS Word is often the best way to label passages with themes.
  6. Refine your thesis, making it more specifically and accurately reflect your quotations, allowing the key words that you highlighted and the interrelationships between themes within the quotations to help you in this refining process.
  7. Post the following in Dropbox 5.5 by the end of the workshop:
    1. Refined thesis.
    2. Quotations: A minimum of three support quotations, making sure all thesis themes are proven by one of these quotations and that the thesis theme(s) proven by each quotation are clearly labeled.
    3. Brief plot summary of the story: 5-7 sentences.
    4. One of the following:
      1. Biblical Evaluation:
        1. Select a portion of the universal message of your thesis.
        2. Paste into your post one scripture which clearly indicates whether the bible agrees or disagrees with the selected portion of your thesis message.
        3. Clearly explain how you see the scripture agreeing/disagreeing with your author’s message using key words from your thesis, key words from the biblical quotation, and comparing the scripture to specific portions of the story you read.
      2. Personal Application:
  1. Select a character or event from the story.
  2. Briefly describe the character or event.
  3. Explain in specific detail one of the following:
    1. How that character/event better helped you to understand yourself and something you plan to do differently in the future as a result.
    2. How that character/event better helped you to understand someone else and something specific you plan to do with this new understanding.
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