complete 2 human services tasks


Submit a short paper in which you develop a mission statement for a fictitious nonprofit agency that you could see yourself working at in the future. Describe the agency and its potential goals. Review the sample strategic plans provided in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric to stimulate your thinking as you consider what the mission statement should be for your fictitious agency. Then, write a paragraph explaining how your mission statement will be effective in driving the agency to successful service delivery. How can you ensure that the agency maintains a strategic focus on this vision and its target population?


Submit a draft of Section I (Introduction) using one of the sample strategic plans that you selected from the examples included in the Final Project Document. This draft should be as detailed as possible to allow the instructor to provide significant feedback. Integrate the following elements into your introduction:

  1. Describe the agency in terms of the current workforce structure, budget, and funding.
  2. Justify the implementation of the plan using the above description of the workforce structure, budget, and funding’s impact on the agency’s culture. Consider the plan’s potential impact on the programs offered by the agency.
  3. Describe how the agency’s mission was considered when creating the plan.
  4. Describe how current trends in human service delivery influenced the creation of plan.
  5. Identify how the plan will alter the state of the agency.

If your selected strategic plan does not include all of this information, you may add your own relevant and appropriate facts that would align with the plan and support the final project.

In addition, submit a bibliography identifying sources you plan on using for your final project. Choose two to three academic sources.

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