compare and contrast reaction paper

Assignment – a short paper (one to one-and-a-half pages or about 350-400 words) comparing and contrasting the people shown in the Casta paintings from 18th Century Mexico and the “Free People of Color” in pre-revolutionary Saint Domingue as documented in Geggus’ book.

BACKGROUND – the “Free People of Color” in pre-revolutionary Haiti does not fit neatly into the history of slavery and identity that is known in the United States. Nevertheless, these people – and how they were understood – is an important part of Haitian history. In a similar fashion the depiction of families of mixed ancestry in Mexico (shown in the Casta Paintings) demonstrate that people understood that many people in their society were “multi-racial” (to use an inaccurate phrase). Both sources – the paintings and the documents in Geggus’ book show that this was an accepted part of society across the Americas. Can you use these two very different sorts of sources for greater understanding?

PROMPT – Does thinking about the Casta paintings help you understood the existence of the “Free People of Color” and their place in Saint Domingue society? How?

Also – use the term Free People of Color – which is historically accurate – do not lapse into “Colored People” an old and now ugly phrase for people of African Descent in the U.S.. Try and keep your instructor happy as they read your paper.

down below I am attaching the powerpoint of the casta paintings and text from “free people of color”

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