communication 131

  1. Identify the television show that you watched. Use the communication task roles on pages 200-201 to describe two specific characters and the communication task role(s) they played in a specific group communication situation. How did these roles affect the group communication? Give specific examples.
  2. Describe each group communication social role (page 201) in your own words, and describe 1-2 examples of group members playing group communication social roles in a group communication situation in the episode you watched. explain which were present in the television show you watched. Which group communication social roles have you commonly seen in group communication situations in your everyday life?
  3. Briefly describe “individual roles.” (page 201-202.) How do you think individual roles detract the group from its goals? Give specific examples of 1-2 characters who played group communication individual roles in a specific group communication situation in the episode you watched.
  4. Using the functional approach to leadership, analyze the member of the group playing the group communication role of leader in a specific group communication situation in the television show you watched. Did this leader perform mostly task functions or process functions? How did the person’s leadership affect the communication of the group in the group communication situation? Give specific examples and incorporate concepts from the textbook.
  5. Of the six functions that effective group members perform, which was most evident in the group communication you observed in the episode you watched? How did this help increase the effectiveness of the group communication and help the group accomplish its group goal?
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