commercials analyze two paragraph

I attached 4 examples

In the assigned readings for this Module, the authors discuss the essential parts of an argument and gives suggestions for determining the issue being discussed, the conclusion being offered, and the reasons being suggested to support the conclusion.

I would like us to use this information to analyze commercials. Please choose a commercial that you have recently seen.

In your first paragraph, answer these questions:

  • What is the issue being discussed in the commercial?
  • What is the conclusion being offered by the commercial?
  • What is the commercial trying to get you to do and/or think?
  • What reasons do the commercials/ads offer to support this conclusion?

In between your paragraphs, please state the argument offered in the commercial using the traditional format used by philosophy:

  • Premise 1:
  • Premise 2:
  • (Additional premises if present – also list the unstated by assumed premises if present)
  • Conclusion:

Then, in your second paragraph, I would like you to use the tools given in our readings to analyze the relationship of the premises to the conclusion –

  • Is this an inductive or deductive argument? How do you know?
  • Is the argument valid? (Make sure you clearly define validity and then examine the argument to determine if it is valid. Tell us how you came to your conclusion.)
  • Is the argument sound? (Make sure you clearly define soundness and then examine the argument to determine if it is sound. Tell us how you came to your conclusion.)

REMEMBER the requirement to use the assigned Module readings in the formulation of your answers. Cite the textual readings (both in-text and works cited).

You must also include citation information for the commercial you are analyzing.

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