combatting cultural crisis

Let’s say, this summer, you have a choice to be a cross-cultural psychology intern to work on addressing or resolving one of these cultural crises. Choose two issues from the list below and thoroughly describe at least two different ways that your cross-cultural psychology knowledge can be used. You may also discuss issues that are not listed below. (Please note that your essay should discuss two different cultural issues and propose a total of four different ideas of ways that you could use your cross-cultural psychology knowledge to combat them.)

Issues: • efforts to combat illegal immigration • the #MeToo movement • President Trump’s interactions with leaders in Russia, Venezuela and South Korea • allegations of racism among political leaders (e.g., using racial slurs or using Blackface) • Gucci and other businesses using racial stereotypes in their products or advertising • the closing of many HBCUs • the response to the opioid crisis vs. the crack epidemic • sexual abuse allegations among high ranking clergy in the Roman Catholic church • ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan To earn full credit, you must do the following for each of the two issues that you choose to discuss a) first, clearly describe what you know (or have learned )about the specific issue that you have selected. I strongly suggest that you research these issues before responding. b) next, discuss what cultures are (or could be) impacted by this issue. c) then, thoroughly explain two different ideas for how you could personally apply what you have learned in this class to these issues (hypothetically or in reality).

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