colonial latin american history answer 4 questions pdf is included

Just follow the directions I need all 4 bullet points done. . For the first article choose one question. I have uploaded the pdf for the article too. For number 2 choose only 2 questions and answer them. For number 3 and 4 just answer them. There is a pdf for number 1, 2 and 3. Please follow the format.

Please complete the following exercises and answer the questions. You must use your articles to answer these questions. Make sure to indicate in your answers if you are using evidence from the article.


CHOOSE 1 from the following questions and answer to the best of your ability.

Write a letter home explaining what happened in Cajamarca.

How was Pizarro’s technique and reception different from Cortez?


CHOOSE 2 from the following questions and answer to the best of your ability.

Find 5 sources that Townsend uses as evidence. Make a list of these sources. After each source write 1-2 sentences as to why these sources are important to her argument.

According to Townsend—how did the indigenous see Cortez? You must proved 3 examples.

Do you think that Townsend sees Montezuma as a responsible or irresponsible leader?

Defend your opinion with 3 examples.

3. THEN, Explain Don Carlos’ crime from the perspective of:

  1. The First Generation
  2. His own generation
  3. The Third Generation

Each one needs a paragraph with two quotes proving your position.


4. Compare and contrast the different styles of colonization by the Spanish and Portuguese. It should deal with methods, treatment of the indigenous, relationship to the king, land ownership and economics.

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