choose one of the following and write a short memo

Open a new document in Word.Use the memo format

  • Fill in the identifying information:
  • The first paragraph (could be 1 sentence) of the memo should state the purpose of the memo (why you are asking someone to read the memo).
  • The body of the memo.(Make your main points.)
  • A summary of the main points (necessary in a long memo).
  • Discussion or details of the main points if necessary.
  • Some type of gracious closing. (ex. I hope this information is of use to you or Thank you….)


From:(your name and title)

Date:(today’s date)

Re:(topic of memo)

CC:(the names of any people you want to receive copies

Exercises:Choose one of the following and write a short memo.

  • You work in a lab. Recently, you tried to duplicate the results that others in the lab have published. You find you are unable to do so and have come to the conclusion that the results must have been falsified. Write a memo to the director of the lab informing him/her of your concerns.
  • Assume you work for a textile manufacturer. Draft a memo to invite your customer to tour your company’s factory next month. Choose a specific date, time, and location for your tour to be included in your letter. Who, if anyone, should be included as a CC?
  • You manage a substantial factory making consumer goods, eg.sweaters or candy. You have noticed growing pilferage (theft), and the only explanation is that employees are stealing the product for their own use. You need to establish that the company must stop these losses and will do so by instituting a requirement that any bag or pocketbook brought to work must be totally transparent. The company will supply such bags for workers at no cost. Write a memo to all your employees informing them of the new policy.
  • If you have attended a lecture or a presentation in the area of academic concentration, write

up a trip report memo to an appropriate instructor assessing its quality.

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