character analysis short stories

Answer these Questions on the short story “The Lottery”(1948) by Shirley Jackson

What is the point of the story? What is the author saying?

Analyze all the characters. Consider character traits{i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional, behavioral,moral) and motivation. Consider some or all of the following questions

Why does he or she do what he or she does? What are the key moments in the text that give insight to why he or she does what he or she does? Quote the text.

What does he or she think? Why? What are the key moments in the text that give insight into what he or she thinks? Quote the text.

Trace the authors development of the characters. What are key moments in the story plot? How is he or she different at the end of the story? Why? To what effect? Quote the text.

Who are the other characters in the text? What are the characters interaction with them? What do these interactions tell us about the characters interaction and existence within society? Why does the author name or identify the character as she does?


MLA format

750 words

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