chapter 9 questions

CASE STUDY: Liz’s Competitive Edge

  1. List of some specific experiences Liz gained from participating in a co-op program?
  2. Identify technical and transferable skills that Liz learned in the classroom and applied on the job?
  3. Explain how the real world experience gained from co-op helped Liz with making career decisions?

Progress Check Questions – pages 164 – 165

  1. What are some things Rachel could have done to try to get her experience on track?
  2. What are some things Rachel could have done before making the decision to switch her major?

Chapter 9 Discussion Topic: Internships and Co-op Programs (20 points) Discussion Forum

Task: Reply to a topic within this forum

Below you will find three weblinks related to internships. Read each one and think critically about how this information correlates to the chapter.

For the Discussion Topic, answer the following:

a. Describe your ideal work site for an internship. Explain why you made this choice.
b. Learning goals help to create a foundation for an internship experience. Prepare two learning goals for the work site internship listed in “a.”


Internship and Co-op Programs

Based on what you have learned about the value of internship and co-ops programs to your career

  • Describe the value of internship and co-op programs to career success.
  • Identify two learning goals of interest for an internship or co-op experience.
  • List two different types of internship or co-op programs available in this area.
  • What should an employee do during and after participating in an internship or co-op program to maximize the experience?

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