case scenario 30

1. CASE SCENARIO ONE (10 points):

You have heard that the healthcare industry is a growing industry for employment. You are unsure of the types of careers available to you.

You have chosen to explore the area of nursing and have provided the information here regarding nursing opportunities. For each of these 3 opportunities, you will provide (1) educational requirements, (2) job responsibilities, and (3) average wages.

Nursing Options

Licensed Practical Nurse:

Registered Nurse:

Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN):

2. CASE SCENARIO TWO (25 points):

You just moved to a rural community from an urban community and you want to establish relationships with physicians at your new home. You were surprised to find out how few choices you have. You decide to investigate why this is occurring.

Look on the internet to find out information on geographic maldistribution. Write a small report (200 words or more) explaining this concept. Be sure and cite your sources.

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