capstone critical resource review 1

As a scholar-practitioner, you know that your work needs to be evidence-based. The literature review provides the empirical justification for the project. Literature reviews involve collecting resources directly related to the selected problem, critically analyzing those resources, and synthesizing them into a coherent narrative. The critical analysis not only considers the validity of the argument, but the credibility of the source as well. Where did the information come from? Was it the author’s personal opinion? Did he or she conduct a study or analyze data? These questions should be considered in completing a critical review of literature. For this assignment you will critically evaluate a selected resource that relates to your capstone project.

To prepare:

  • Review the article attached on writing an integrative literature review.
  • View the article on how to critically evaluate resources.
  • Review the research resource related to the capstone project topic regarding the effectiveness and importance of special education and inclusive classrooms.
  • Review the attached problem statement.

The assignment:

In 2-3 pages, please complete the following:

  • Briefly synthesize the resource Meeting the Needs: Inclusive Classrooms
  • Critically analyze that resource.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a literature review; it is a brief summary of just 1 article and a critical analysis of that article. Following are a few questions to consider as you write the critical analysis of the article for this week. A critical analysis is an evaluation of the resource. Is the source credible? Is the information based upon opinion? Who conducted the study and analyzed the data and what are the author’s credentials?

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