can you write a news article essay

A news article asks what, when, where, why and how questions to report information to the public. Not all articles are created equally, however. Editorials often contain subjective AND objective elements. The writer presents facts and provides opinions about those facts. ALL articles are driven by ONE idea. That is, an article, like an essay, has a thesis/central argument.

  • You will be writing an article on either “A Jury of Her Peers” OR “The Yellow Wallpaper.”
  • You can choose to write this piece objectively (see example below) or as an editorial.
  • Your piece must contain elements of the story, but you can add creative elements that do not contradict the story you choose.
  • Whichever type of article you choose to write, you must incorporate Feminist theory…in some way. Make sure you watch the videos to see how to analyze a piece using Feminist theory.
  • Your article must be completely developed and contain enough words to fully inform readers of the events you are reporting.
  • Comment on at least TWO articles. Does the article contain enough information to fully inform readers? Does the writer successfully incorporate Feminist theory? What other aspects of Feminist theory could the writer have explored? These are SOME questions to consider when responding to your peers. You are NOT LIMITED to the previous questions.

Take a look at the article below. It uses the Feminist critical lens in its reporting of “A Jury of Her Peers.” Note: The writer is not writing from the Feminist perspective. The writer is reporting the Feminist aspect of the story. This is how you can maintain objectivity while still employing a critical lens.


This article includes some added creative elements, as well as direct quotes from the text.

Guilty or Knot Guilty

Here are the facts:

Two days ago: Local resident Mr. Hale found the cold corpse of John Wright with a rope tied around his neck. The sheriff and deputies of Dickson County arrested Minnie Foster-Wright.

Yesterday: The sheriff, deputies and county attorney investigated the crime scene.

Today: Scores of women are demanding Minnie’s release from prison.

A piercing wind rages against the poster boards emblazoned with phrases of solidarity: “Free Minnie Foster”; “Say NO! to ‘Above the Law’ Enforcement”; “Justice Now. Just Us Now.”

Earlier today, new information blew through the town with a fervor rivaling the gales of wind. The Sheriff’s wife, Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Hale, whose husband stumbled upon Mr. Wright’s dead body, shocked the small town by confirming their presence at the crime scene and indicating that they had gone through the crime scene, moving and removing items.

This information has infuriated many Dickson County residents, as well as Minnie Foster-Wright supporters from around the country. Indeed, according to the county attorney, the crime scene (the entire Wright house, that is), should have been barricaded the moment investigators first arrived at the house. Yesterday, when examining the crime scene, county attorney stated, “Somebody should have been left here yesterday.” However, it was with the county attorney’s permission that Mrs. Peters was allowed to remove some items to take to Foster-Wright. He stated that “I suppose anything Mrs. Peters does’ll be all right?”

“This is what is wrong with the system here. Just because you’re married to a sheriff, doesn’t make you a sheriff. Mrs. Peter’s might’ve taken on a new last name when she got married, but she didn’t take on her husband’s career,” says one of the protestors. “The cops and lawyers are trying to have it both ways. Women are harmless, so they couldn’t possibly contaminate a crime scene. Well, if women are so harmless, why arrest Minnie?”

Many variations of these sentiments echo through the crowd of protestors. The overwhelming opinion is that once Mrs. Peters was deputized, the investigation lost all credibility.

Only time will tell whether the protestors’ voices will be strong enough to free Minnie Foster-Wright from jail.


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