business social media exercise project

  1. Although Nike was founded in the Pacific Northwest and still has its corporate headquarters near Beaverton, Oregon, the company has become a multinational enterprise. The firm employs more than 35,000 people across six continents and is now a global marketer of footwear, apparel, and athletic equipment
  2. Because it operates in 160 countries around the globe and manufactures products in over 900 factories in 47 different countries, sustainability is a big initiative for Nike. Today, Nike uses the YouTube social media site to share its sustainability message with consumers, employees, investors, politicians, and other interested stakeholders. To learn about the company’s efforts to sustain the planet, follow these steps:
  • Make an Internet connection and go to the YouTube Web site (
  • Enter the words “Nike” and “Sustainability” in the search window and click the search button
  • Students’ answers will vary depending upon the videos you watch
  1. View at least 3 different YouTube videos about Nike’s sustainability efforts. [Outline the three videos watched]
  2. Based on the information in the videos you watched, do you believe that Nike is a good corporate citizen because of its efforts to sustain the planet? Why or why not? [Detailed explanation]
  3. Any of these should lead you to believe that Nike is a good corporate citizen; in fact, it is an industry leader in sustainability and has won awards because of its success in this area. [Discuss fully]
  4. Prepare a two page report that describes how Nike is taking steps to reduce waste, improve the environment, and reduce its carbon footprint while manufacturing products around the globe
  5. Students can expand on the concepts listed above for their paper

I am not necessarily asking for your opinion. I expect to see some research and review in response to these questions. Quality in your ideas, critical analysis which presents a clear articulation and insightful analysis of the important concepts to be considered in making your decision to do or not to do something. Use examples. Use precise language that engages the reader. Develop a strong conclusion that shows how the course, your research and readings have impacted your decisions to assist you in arriving at your final conclusions. [Be sure to review the Rubric]

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