business plan around white tail deer hunting

My requirements are attached along with the Feasibility plan paper that has already been completed and can be used for part of the business plan.

Business Plan template is attached along with Deer Hunting in Michigan paper to be utilized in the business plan along with other research that is required for the business plan

Assignment Guidelines

Develop a comprehensive written business plan for a small or medium size existing or start-up business (not home based and not a franchise) or a division of a larger organization that is capable of generating a minimum of $250, 000 per year in the first year of operation. The business must be capable of global expansion.

The completed plan should follow the outline in the business plan template and comprise 10 pages of narrative excluding the Title Page, Executive Summary and Table of Contents and Appendices.

A break even analysis, three years of income and cash flow statements and an opening day Balance Sheet together with other required and optional supporting documents must be included in the appendix

A comprehensive references page in APA 6th Ed format must be included as an Appendix

Click to access and download the template for the Business Plan


Write the plan in third person, active voice.

Use professional report format, one-inch margins, double line spacing, 12 point font, appropriate headings and subheadings.

Cite and reference research sources in APA 6th Ed format.

Ensure the plan is free of grammar and spelling errors by carefully proofreading and editing prior to submission.

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