business law short response

Listed below are the questions that have to be answered.

1. Roger set his residence on fire for the insurance. While the fire was being fought, the police arrived to help with the crowds of onlookers. Roger realized he had done something wrong and went to one of the police officers and told her that he had started the fire. The officer did not give Roger the Miranda warnings. Can Roger have his confession excluded?

2. Kendra received an e-mail advertisement offering a free bottle of a nutritional supplement made from acai berries. She clicked on the link to place an order and completed an online form with her name, address and credit-card number to pay for the shipping charges. Although Kendra read the terms displayed, nothing on the page indicated that she was signing up for a monthly shipment. A month later, Kendra received a second bottle of the supplement in the mail and discovered her credit card had been charged $85 for this shipment. Kendra called the company, cancelled all future monthly shipments and received directions as to how to return the unopened bottle to the company for a refund. (5 points)

    1. What is the name of the type of e-mail Kendra received offering a free bottle?
    2. Assuming that the information contained in the e-mail was not false or misleading, did it violate any federal or state law? Why or why not?
    3. Suppose that when Kendra clicked on the link in the email, malicious software was downloaded onto her computer. Whenever she subsequently typed in her personal information, that program then recorded the keystrokes and sent the data to cyber crooks. What crime has been committed and why might it be difficult to prosecute?
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