bus363 total quality management gba 1

Hi there, this assignment that is based on Singapore industry.

This is the assignment. Attached file: BUS363e Group-based Assignment Jan19 Sem

The requirements for this assignment are:

1. It is to be submitted before the due date which is on the 3rd April 2019, Wednesday, Singapore Time. Not your time zone but mine. Due to the many experience with other tutors who do not meet this requirement I had to put this clause in.

2. It is required that the assignment has a lot of research to be done.

3. Citation are APA Style.

4. The English language is British English.

5. Please use the course material provided as much as possible. (Study Guide)

6. Quick response from the tutor is much needed.

7. To submit Question 1 and 2 on the 27th March 2019, Wednesday, Singapore Time.

8. Due to limited files that can be uploaded. There will be more documents uploaded for references and usage.

Please bid this assignment if you are up to the task of Singapore Standard, as I have a few disappointed experience of only getting a 60 marks. I am looking for a 75-80 marks work.

The datelines are to be met and if failure to do so, will be requested to cancel. Datelines are in Singapore timeline.

Thank you for your kind understanding. I hope to work well with you.

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