briefly discuss about key features of cfd modeling and simulation focusing following aspects numerical aspects of cfd solution of discretized equations numerical grid generation etc as below

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is concerned with numerical solution of differential equations

governing transport of mass, momentum, and energy in moving fluids. CFD has become an indispensable tool for many engineers. Even though the impetus to its development was initially provided by some sections within the aeronautics and aerospace industry, it has grown to become an essential tool in a range of other design intensive industries such as the automotive, power generation, chemical, nuclear, and marine industries, to cite a few. In this context, briefly discuss about key features of CFD modeling and simulation focusing following aspects:

Numerical aspects of CFD, Solution of Discretized equations, Numerical grid generation, Convergence enhancement, Turbulent-flow modeling, CFD simulations in chemical and process Engineering , CFD Applications in engineering andMultiphase flow modeling.

(Maximum 3000 Words. Include relevant diagrams/charts/simulation illustrations with appropriate citations/references)

Note: you must use Harvard References

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