blog challenges of transitioning in a professional environment

After the completion of an academic program, many transition into new professional fields or higher-level positions within their current field. In public administration, public policy, and/or nonprofit management, this process of transition is often met with additional challenges due to the ever-changing nature of these fields. Whether transitioning into the professional field for the first time or into a higher-level position at your current organization, it is important to recognize the challenges you might encounter in your professional setting. For this blog, you examine challenges you might encounter when transitioning into the professional field or into a higher-level position. You also consider how the ever-changing work environment of public administration and nonprofit sectors contribute to these challenges, as well as strategies for overcoming these challenges.

Post an explanation of personal and professional challenges you might encounter when transitioning from school to the professional field. If you are already in the professional field, explain challenges you might encounter when transitioning to a higher-level position. Include how the ever-changing work environment of the public administration and policy and nonprofit sectors might contribute to these challenges. Then, explain strategies you might use to overcome these challenges to ensure you are prepared for a setting that is constantly changing.


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    This article explores skills necessary for professionals to be successful in the public sector. It also provides strategies useful for job seeking and maintaining job security.

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  • Walden University. (n.d.-c). Welcome to Walden University’s OptimalResume system! Retrieved September 9, 2014, from

    This Walden University website provides a variety of career management tools. In preparation for this week’s Assignment, create an account and explore the different features of the site.

  • Document: Getting Started with OptimalResume (PDF)

    This document provides a short checklist to get started and a list of suggested artifacts to create either a portfolio or Capstone Project.

  • Document: OptimalResume Portfolio Integration (PDF)

    This document illustrates some of the required and optional elements for ePortfolios.

Optional Resources

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