biology question

1- Protein sources in the US are mainly coming from _________________________ while inother part of the world they are coming from _______________________________.2- Fill in the Table to indicate the presence or absence of the nutrientAnimal Protein Plant ProteinAmino acidB VitaminsIronZincCalciumFiberFatHigh in Saturated fatHigh in unsaturated fatVitamin BVitamin B12All essential amino acids23- Comment on why, with equal amount of Zinc or Iron in a portion, it is better tochose the animal protein source as opposed to the plant protein source.4- what is the building block of protein? And explain what is a polypeptide and howit is formed?5- would a 1-dimensional string of amino acid be functional? WHY?6- what is happening to the albumin (protein in egg white) when heat is applied?7- we need a total of 20 Amino acids to build necessary protein for our properfunctioning, only 9 are essentials.a. What does essential means?b. If we don’t have enough of the other 11 and do not have a proper diet tosupply all of them, how does the body cope?38- Explain in details why individual with inflammatory digestive disease (Crohn,Ulcerative colitis…) develop allergies to protein at higher rate.9- what do we use protein for in our body? (Give 3 examples)10- which symptoms could be associated with a high protein diet?11- Explain the differences between Kwashiorkor and Marasmus45- Amino acid pool activity.Define Amino acid poolYou have been on a diet of turkey with mashed potatoes for a little over one weeknow. As a poor college student you took advantage of Thanksgiving left overs to avoidcooking and grocery shoppingHere is how the Turkey and mashed potatoes proteins look like (using colors instead ofamino acid). Each piece represent an amino acid.Turkey: Red-Black-Red-Black-BluePotato: Blue, Blue, Orange, Green, PurpleNow, eat and digest your Turkey and mashed potatoes. Describe your amino acid pool(How many different amino acids do you have available to build new proteins? , howmany per amino acid)With the amino acid pool from the 2 proteins you have, build two enzymes necessaryfor ATP productionEnzyme #1: Red-Black-Black-Blue-Blue-BlueEnzyme #2: Green-Red-Black-Orange-Purple-BrownCan you build your proteins? What are the limiting factors?–What will eventually happened when you will do your marathon on Sunday?

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