behaviorism in the classroom 1

Behavior is a measureable and shapeable variable in child development. Behaviorism describes learning-based reactions to stimuli. Skinner’s stimulus and response (S-R) theory has been further developed for classroom interventions. There is controversy over the influence various behavioral systems have on meeting the diverse learning needs of students.

For this assignment, conduct research on at least five behavioral reward systems currently implemented in the early childhood classroom environments. Consider whether you believe that behavioral reward systems should be used in the classroom.

To help other teachers make an educated choice on using behavioral reward systems with young children, create a twelve slide digital presentation on the pros and cons of behavioral reward systems. Be sure to include:

  • Explanations of behavior reward systems, including four examples of different reward systems.
  • How to integrate behavior reward systems into teaching practice.
  • How these systems work with students from diverse backgrounds and show compassion and care in order to meet the emotional and social needs of students with special circumstances, different family dynamics, and medical diagnoses.
  • How these behavior systems establish a positive or negative culture within the classroom environment.
  • Your views on behavior reward systems.

Support your presentation with 2-3 scholarly resources.

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