assignment 7 music interviews oral history

Please select three people to interview – a peer, younger, and older generation (or groups thereof).

I’ll leave the questions up to you, but you are welcome to incorporate some of the initial queries (from assignment 1) into your interview.

As for format, if possible, submit a transcript (edited if you like) of your interviews, including some brief details on each of your interviewees; you may also upload a recording, and include a summary of responses (in lieu of the entire transcription.

You may also consider sharing some of your curations with your interviewees, see how they respond to these.

Finally, annotate your interviews with some concluding thoughts of your own regarding differences and commonalities of the musical experience between the generations – any surprises or confusions, or conversely, expected responses?

questions to consider:

what is music to them – what value does music have, in

and to them personally?

what are their most memorable musical moments/experiences? (perhaps a discussion on music & memory/nostalgia)

what is their relationship to creating/playing music?

where do they most commonly experience music? how does music enter their lives today? in the past? especially consider your own methods of experiencing music via social network/internet platforms, and see how this contrasts to your interviewees experience of music.

what are some significant spaces/locations of music for them?

what are particular musicians/bands do they remember or still enjoy?

what technologies of music do they recall/encounter?

can they recall significant (to them) films or TV shows that either concern music, or have memorable music that still resonates with them? What resonates in their musical memories?

Due Date is Friday, March 29, 2019, 8:00pm.

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