assessment interview amp pie

I am assigned to do an Assessment Interview and PIE on a the character Kevin from the movie Spilt. We are generated to answer these questions for the Assessment Interview and PIE, I have them attached in a file. *For Assessment Interview make sure it is typed in Paragraph form just with the headings of each section listed.

The directions state: Students will conduct an assessment interview of their client using the outline in chapter 1 of the textbook. If not enough information is able to be obtain, then the student may have to create a scenario to provide the missing information. Be sure it would be sensible to the client and the client’s situation. Included will be the Person In Environment Assessment (Chapter 1: Introduction in The Clinical Assessment Workbook and Section C: The Person in the Environment in the Clinician’s Thesaurus). The template will be provided in the Course Resources and attached to the Assignment dropbox.

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