article summary 67

This review, worth the points indicated in the syllabus, will provide an overall summary of the article and should be at least 2.0 pages, double spaced (at least 600 words).Use the APA Style Manual (6th Ed) for the critiques.

The review will include three headings: Article Summary, Article Critique and Article Reference.

  • Article Summary – You can use this heading for the summary or you can use this as the main heading and use sub-headings. This is worth approximately 35% of the total.

  • Article Critique – What did you think about the article? Was it easy to understand?Did the author(s) correctly interpret the data?Did the author(s) provide new information?This is the most important part of your effort.You have to tell me what was good about the article and what could be better. If you do not include a critique you lose approximately 35% of the total points for this assignment.

III.Article Reference – This should allow the reader to locate the article. It should include a properly formatted (via APA style) full citation. The Authors names go first (last name and initial), then the year of publication, then the title of the article. The title of the journal goes next and finally the issue number, volume number and page number. This is worth about 10% of the total points.

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