archaeological site research 1

4 pages, double spaced, MLA format

1) Site name and/or California Trinomial Designation (5 POINTS)

2) Provide citations of reports and/or publications on the site (5 POINTS)

3) Describe the site (e.g., dimensions of the site, depth of deposits, kind of archaeological remains recovered, etc) ½ – 1 page (15 POINTS)

4) Describe archaeological investigations at the site (e.g., research design, field methods [survey, excavation, etc], laboratory analysis). Is there anything you would do differently? ½ – 1 page (15 POINTS)

5) Would you characterize the archaeological investigations as an example of a cultural history, processual, or post-processual approach? Why? 1-2 paragraphs


6) Outline the major interpretations for the site (e.g. identity of occupants, chronology, function, site formation, etc.). Based on the interpretations presented, do you think the site is significant in understanding California’s past? Should the site be preserved? ½ – 1 page (20 POINTS)

7) Do you see much potential for public education/public outreach involving the site? What do you think can be done to enhance public awareness of the site?


8) Attach a map (or aerial photo) showing the location of the site. (5 POINTS)

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