apa paper advanced tort law review of the basics

Please view the YouTube above and answer the questions below completely in a narrative format APA Writing Style. Write a 2-3 page narrative answering the questions below in APA Writing Style citing all sources. Please also include title page and reference page.

1. Explain the main purpose of this video/cd (3-4 points).

2. Explain key question that the video is addressing (1-2 points).

3. The most important information in this video/cd is_______ (3-4 points).

4. The main inferences/conclusions in this video are_________ (1-2 points).

5. The key concept(s) we need to understand in this video are________ (3-4 points).

6. Figure out the most important ideas you would have to understand and explain the key concepts to another senior management team member (3-4 points).

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