anthropology final paper writing

This is an anthropology class, need to relates to anthropology.

My topic is : Gender and Sexuality, I want to discuss how sexuality and gender are embedded in social inequality.

The final project is designed to allow the student to pursue any anthropological topictopics of their choosing. The student is to read two (2) related readings, although you may read and use more than two references. If you need help, you may consult with the professor for a collection of anthropological sources available by the instructor. The student is to then: a) explain why you chose these articles; b) briefly summarize the readings; and c) make personal comments about the two readings. Give evidence of an expanded world view by comparing and contrasting the student’s own values/world views with alternative world views.

The student is asked to bring their own thoughts into this process as well as the course content. This project is a written project. Written projects should be 7 pages, double spaced according to APA referencing. All projects should provide a list of the sources used.

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